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Just two years ago we began an ambitious quest; to research the stories about one Dr. J. R. Brinkley and separate fact from fiction.  What happened is that we found a strange world filled with passion, deceit, discovery, politics, American history, love and hate.
Brinkley was truly a pioneer in many fields and his accomplishments, whether good or bad, had a definite long-lasting effect on our country and left a message for those in future generations.
This museum is a labor of love, founded and managed by a family with a long history in health and medicine as well as connections to Brinkley himself.
The museum is scheduled to open in October 2020 but is already booking tours for large groups and field trips.
This is the ONLY museum in the world dedicated to this subject matter!
Nestled in the heart of the downtown Dublin, Texas business district and surrounded by other quality museums, this new educational attraction can become just a portion of your full day in Dublin!
The J. R. Brinkley Museum is conveniently located inside the National Health & Public Safety History Museum!
The J. R. Brinkley Museum is an oddity museum and preserves the history of a single man that took on the world while pioneering in medicine, politics and radio broadcasting.  Many of the displays within the museum are graphic and represent Brinkley's many years as a surgeon so parental discretion is advised.*
*Recommended age for field trips is 7th Grade and up



Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm





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