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"God" Sightings

October 26, 2017

With all that is happening, it is difficult to just post updates on everything. There are several of you that have stayed in touch, assisted and sent heartfelt messages and this is really for you guys more than anybody else because you have been a part of this specific struggle.

I do not know how long ago it was, (the days all blur together) but we became aware of a police officer on the island of St. Croix who has two young girls. As you can imagine, the life of ANY responder on that island has been far from normal, but to make matters worse, these two young girls, Aamira and Inari, had serious health issues even before the hurricane’s wrath made its horrific landfall on the island.

Due to lack of supplies, proper food, emergency medical help and deteriorating environmental issues such as mold, the need for the girls to be medi-vac’d off the island became apparent almost two weeks ago.

Last week, our small band began pleading with the government and private sector entities alike to make this happen. The health of the girls continued to worsen but we ran into roadblock after roadblock. Up the ladder and down, like with many other issues we are dealing with, hands were tied, old protocols were still being applied, finances were non-existent and red tape abounded.

You need to understand at this point that when I say ‘we”, I am referring to a small group of people that have been working and travelling around the clock trying to just get the work done; passionate and experienced people that have been in this nightmare for just over 70 days (since Hurricane Harvey).

Well, yesterday we decided that we had a deadline. Before the girls got any worse, before one of them lost their lives, we were gonna get them off the island. Thankfully, the girls have relatives here in the States because on an island still only beginning recovery, the island could not afford to lose a cop, so the girls would have to come over alone.

On top of that, the girls would need immediate medical attention upon arriving with long term care until the island is truly stabilized. The deadline we established was today.

Last night we had some glimmers of hope, but the sun rose on the same situation…no real change. Until all of a sudden God’s hand once again swept into the picture and our contacts rose up.

This morning, Aamira and Inari were given their first chopper ride.

This afternoon they arrived here in the states.

I do not remember where I was, but several weeks ago I ran into a woman that was talking about the disasters of this year. She was bitter and angry (although not one of these storms had effected her or her home or family) and said “Where is God in all of this? I just don’t see Him!”

I want to share with you all what I told her, and I want to add a little to it since I have your attention.

“I am not sure,” I began. “But I think this is one of those times He wants you to SEEK Him like it says in the Bible. There were a lot of times I thought He had gone on vacation while we were in Texas, but suddenly I saw Him carrying a small child and jumping off a helicopter.”

The woman began to tear up as I continued.
“I saw Him again working on a patient in a MASH Unit the next day. Then I saw him on an airboat pulling senior citizens out of the flood water. I saw him hugging a large black woman who had just lost everything and was sitting on a curb in a parking lot. I saw Him again making jumbalaya on the side of the road to feed responders.”

She got it.

Last night, I saw Him again. I got to see him work. I got to see Him soften hearts. This morning He came in on a big orange helicopter…

Tonight He is working again…or rather…still.

God is real. He is working and showing up through His people and if you look, if you REALLY pay attention, you can see Him. For real. Eugene is in Atlanta. Aamira and Inari are having a good meal tonight in clean air. Their mother is protecting the people of St. Croix with a burden lifted and angels by her side.

I can’t wait to see Him again tomorrow.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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