We are excited to announce that the Grand Opening of our new facility  took place on March 14, 2020.  The transition from a mobile museum to a large permanent destination has been a long labor of love filled with excitement and anticipation!


The new facility, located in the heart of Dublin, Texas experienced extensive renovations and is open to the public. 

The National Health & Public Safety History Museum will take you on a journey through America's development of healthcare, emergency medical care, disaster response, emergency management, firefighting, law enforcement and so much more.



The exhibit pieces as well as the presentations and stories are a testament to the resilience and determination of those who have stood in the arena faithfully keeping their oaths while saving lives and seeking better instruments, policies, protocols and procedures.


What can you expect at the museum?

This newly remodeled and spacious facility is family friendly and has been designed as an educational experience for young and old.  Ten galleries await you filled with not only America's health and response history but with the legacies left behind by thousands of responders, innovators and heroes from over three centuries.

THE BRIAN S. ARNOLD MEMORIAL THEATER is a one hundred seat learning center and event center designed to host trainings, performances, educational programs and special events.  The theater will be used to host training programs for first responder agencies as well as special programming for attendees, films, field trip presentations and community events while creating a  special events venue for regional organizations to utilize.

GALLERY ONE follows America at war from WWI to our present day Middle East conflicts and actions.  This gallery also holds the history of the Cold War, Civil Defense and the history of Emergency Management.

GALLERY TWO honors those in the nursing arena from the early days of the Red Cross to military nurses and medics.  The vast field of nursing and nursing care is represented throughout this massive gallery along with the the history of simple and basic first aid, America's major pandemics and the history of women in healthcare.

GALLERY THREE is a bizarre exploration of America's love affair with medicine and pharmaceutical advancement.  The "Pharmacy" is open and filled with history of snake oil salesmen, morphine for teething, the use of cocaine as treatment for simple ailments and much, more. This gallery holds over one thousand artifacts and a full display of early native American medical remedies.

GALLERY FOUR takes you into over 250 years of surgical procedures, sanitariums, mental asylums, hospitals and the laboratories of healthcare inventors and innovators that changed the face and future of America's healthcare.

GALLERY FIVE is truly a walk through life as it includes the history of obstetrics, child birth, ultrasound and childcare.  Step just several feet and stand amidst the history of invalid care, hospice and elderly care.  This large gallery will also unveil the world of funeral practices since the early 1800's and includes a late 19th Century funeral parlor, post-mortem photography exhibit and early embalming practices.

GALLERY SIX is a natural transition from GALLERY FIVE as this special gallery is a mid-1800's morgue.

GALLERY SEVEN is a large three-part exhibit that pays tribute to America's firefighting, law enforcement and EMS history.

GALLERY EIGHT displays history from the Yellow Fever outbreak in Louisiana, disaster response history throughout the decades and an honor wall dedicated to first responders.

FREEDOM CHAPEL is perhaps the crown jewel of this new museum.  The chapel is a memorial chapel dedicated to the memory of those lost on September 11, 2001 and a piece of World Trade Center Tower One.  This special place set within the museum is meant as a place to educate, reflect and remember the day that changed our country forever.

LEGACY HALL is in the heart of our large facility and is expected to constantly grow as we add those that have not only helped us to create this museum but also exhibits the stories of responders and healthcare heroes that have left behind a legacy for future generations.


THE GIFT SHOP is always open so make sure you stop and take home a piece of The National Health & Public Safety History Museum!




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