Hippocrates is often called the father of medicine in western culture.  To this day, health providers swear the Hippocratic oath before entering the field.

Since the original oath was written somewhere between the fifth and third centuries BC, one can only imagine how those that swore by the oath adapted and changed the way by which they kept that oath.

The National Health & Public Safety History Museum takes you on a journey through America's development of healthcare, emergency medical care and disaster medical response.

The museum is not just a static display but rather includes presentations for all ages on the innovations that changed medical response throughout the last two and a half centuries and some of this country’s most challenging medical events.  The exhibit pieces as well as the presentations and stories are a testament to the resilience and determination of those who have stood in the arena faithfully keeping their oath while saving lives and seeking better instruments, policies, protocols and procedures.

Until March of 2020, the museum will remain a mobile museum before taking up its permanent residence at its new location (to be announced soon).  Right now, the exhibit is considered “adjustable” meaning that every showing is unique and pieces are hand-selected along with the presentations to fit the venue and expected audiences.  Programs can be chosen for schools, libraries, churches, response agencies, museums and even large public gatherings.

Unlike many traveling museum exhibits, the LITA Museum does not require massive budgets and large volumes of square footage; it is relatively easy to host the museum and our hosting programs make it simple for the host venue to select how long the exhibit stays, how many programs are included and what hours the exhibit is available to the public.

Until March 2020, the opportunity to host this fantastic museum at your location still exists!

Our staff is friendly, flexible and excited to work with you to create the very best experience possible.

What kind of history is displayed in the museum?

This museum is extensive and features the history and developments in health care and emergency medicine in the United States.  Displays range from mid to late 1600's with artifacts such as blood-letting tools to the 19th Century and all its developments including the earliest EKG, patient transport items, hospital equipment, bizarre artifacts from sanitariums and yes, the macabre world of snake oil salesmen and fake doctors.

Jump into the 20th Century as the world experienced the Spanish Flu Pandemic and then the world wars that brought with them not only challenges but strange new ways of treating patients.

The museum now features a Titanic display featuring items not only from the ship, but pieces that introduce you to the doctors aboard the ill-fated ocean-liner and the triage that followed the Titanic's sinking aboard the rescue ship the RMS Carpathia.

To view a list of the museum's displays, CLICK HERE.


"We were very fortunate to have Jonathan and Eddy Weiss bring the Mobile Health & Medical Museum to our library.  They have a huge display of items and are continually adding to their collection.  I learned with the library patrons about the history of not only medicines and treatments for health issues but about orphan trains, history of different medical instruments (and they actually have these instruments-many one of a kind), epidemics and pandemics.   Sometimes the treatment was worse than the disease!"


Wellsburg Public Library

Wellsburg, Iowa 

"We were pleased to host Jonathan Weiss' Medical History Museum on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week at the Independence Iowa Public Library. The museum staff is easy to work with and they make the exhibit flexible for the amount of space that you have. The museum spans four centuries and has fascinating items from the Revolutionary War, Native American medicine, the Civil War, the Titanic, pandemics, sanitariums, WWI and WWII, and more. Both curators were at the exhibit all three days and offered guided tours, which were full of engaging stories of medical history. We received great feedback from the public!"

Independence Publ;ic Library

Independence, Iowa


Our Civil War era exhibit has grown and we could not be more pleased!  With a new piece from the heart of Kentucky once owned by General Edmund Kirby Smith, our visitors will now gain insight into the medical difficulties experienced by soldiers both in blue and gray!  Many thanks to the benefactor that donated our new focal piece for this exhibit!

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