Meet our Curator...

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2019.   "People are still amazed that I am the curator of such a collection at my age," the seventeen year old explains. "I know all the words to 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" too!  I guess I am an old soul trapped in a young body that has grown to appreciate how far we have come in the fields of medicine, especially emergency medicine."

The young responder has been collecting vintage medical and wartime items for several years but was not recognized on a national level until recently.

Jonathon Weiss is part of a family responder legacy and has committed hundreds if not thousands of hours researching vintage medical practices and equipment as well as wartime treatments and equipment.

This museum is a great way to teach young people and to inspire them to become innovators, Weiss explains.  It was not that long ago that we had some pretty barbaric treatments out there!  The audiences always enjoy when I pull out something really weird and explain that it is not really that old.  The way we treated head injuries just 50 years ago is crazy!  It is fun to take everyone back through time and look at all this old stuff."

While he agrees that the 1918 Pandemic is no light matter, Weiss says that his pieces from doctors and hospitals pre-dating the pandemic are the most popular despite their dark overtones. "When I show people the actual clothing worn by the doctors of that era and have them try to imagine attempting to survive the pandemic, it really puts things into perspective."

Weiss says that the museum along with its programs have really helped create an awareness and appreciation of responders and the military.

"Never have responders or the military had the easy life," Weiss says. "This is a great way to show people how much we owe these heroes and how difficult their lives were for so long!".

Jonathon now oversees the collection part-time and is a full-time EMT in the Dublin, Texas area.  The Museum is operated by Jonathon's family.  You can learn more about this fascinating family by CLICKING HERE.