Hogan vs Woods

The Tale of Two Accidents

At 7 a.m. PST on February 23, 2021, the world was reminded of an accident that occurred in the early morning hours of February 2, 1949.

The accident of golf’s golden child Tiger Woods triggered memories around the globe of the tragic accident and subsequent  comeback of golf legend Ben Hogan.  Even as Woods went under the knife, millions were alerted as to the tragedy and the speculations began.  In Dublin, Texas it was another story.
The Ben Hogan Museum and the National Health & Public Safety History Museum, both located in Dublin (Hogan’s birthplace), began to look at the similarities and difference between the two accidents from the perspective of medical and emergency response history.  The result was an intriguing discovery of not only the obvious distinctions, but the similarities between the two accidents.

It had been 70 years since the tragic Hogan wreck when ambulances lacked even the simplest of medical equipment and trained EMT’s were still over 30 years from existence.

Now, the case study exhibit that stands in the city of Dublin in our museum and invites you to visit not only this special case study exhibit, but then to wander across the street to the Ben Hogan Museum of Dublin for the rest of the story!




This exhibit has been duplicated and is available to your country club, library, school or organization to rent and share as a panel exhibit!


This panel exhibit consists of 6 panels measuring 33" x 72".  Each panel is freestanding and the entire exhibit will require approximately 24 feet of running floor space less than 12" wide!


The entire exhibit is shipped to you along with return shipping labels for when your exhibit rental period ends.  A minimum rental period of 30 days is requested.


A custom and matching seventh panel can be added to your order featuring your name, event and/or exhibit sponsors. 


All proceeds from these rentals go directly to the Ben Hogan Museum of Dublin, Texas and The National Health & Public Safety History Museum.


Please contact us via this site for more information and to schedule your rental.

The Tale of Two Accidents is on tour now!

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