Want to be a host but have questions?


Below we have tried to answer some of the more common questions asked by potential hosts.

The "rental" of our museum is based on a per-day rental.  The average length of time venues (such as libraries) commit to the exhibit is three.


The museum can be adjusted to the size of your venue but smaller venues may sacrifice not having items from certain eras due to space constrictions.  The average museum exhibit will utilize approximately 2400 square feet of space.


The museum has been designed to be safe and for all ages. 


The costs to rent a traveling exhibit vary widely depending on the size, complexity, subject matter, and underlying objectives of exhibition owners.  In the case of The LITA museum, we have a small staff that is made up of the Director, the curator and a few volunteers which has been effective in keeping costs much lower than exhibits of the same size.

Normally, the cost of shipping , preparation, staffing, marketing and promotion can be astronomical for many exhibits.  The LITA Foundation has created a means of transportation that has cut the costs of shipping/delivery to an absolute minimum and we have also created a way to quote that cost exactly rather than estimate when you are selecting your dates and making your plans as a host.

In many cases, an exhibition is shipped and set-up at the host venue and left to the staff at the venue but this is not the case with the LITA museum.  When you host the LITA museum, the exhibit will be fully staffed the entire time it is open by historian/curators that will take your visitors on tours of the museum creating a meaningful and educational experience.

Marketing materials are created by the LITA staff for every event so your costs will only involve duplication and distribution.  Most materials are sent to you in advance in pdf form.

Most exhibition owners prefer to book their traveling exhibitions back to back to avoid storage fees and unnecessary shipping. Hosts typically pay only incoming shipping (the next host pays for the exhibit to leave), and so hosts often offer big discounts at the last minute for un-rented exhibitions so they can avoid outbound shipping and storage.  The same applies to our museum. As we book dates, we are always looking to fill dates around yours.  Any assistance you can offer in promoting us to the next stop can lower your costs significantly (for example, your library hosting the museum for 3 days followed by another regional library booking the museum for the next three days can cut your delivery and exhibit costs almost in half!).

As with other museums, we will request that you sign a contract and in most cases a deposit will be required to secure your dates.  This policy secures not only your costs but ours as well and protects the integrity of all parties involved.

Be aware that we will request certain things in order for you to be a host.  Some of those requests may include a certain number of stable tables, a certain amount of square footage, limited hours of exhibition and direct sunlight control in the space.

In conclusion, we want to bring the LITA museum to you so we have made things as easy and as affordable as we possibly can.  Our staff is friendly and flexible and we want to work with you to make sure that your exhibit reaches its full potential.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us with questions so we can set up your experience as soon as possible!

Thank you,

Jonathon Weiss, Curator

The LITA Mobile Health and Medicine History Museum


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