The National Health & Public Safety History Museum is grateful to the many generous individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies that have made contributions to support the Museum's programs and exhibitions.

If you would like information on ways to support the Museum, please call 254.629.7005 or contact us at office@litamedmuseum.com


Kristy Van Hoven

John D. Fawcett

Museum Board

Jonathon W. H. Weiss, Curator

Edward Weiss, Jr., Director

Brandi L. Weiss, Finance Director

Sean P. Fay

Bobby Lacer

Anna M. Fawcett

Wayne Mueller


(Our highest support level)

Sean P. Fay and Family

Wayne Mueller and Family

Prince Fleet Easton

Angela Ruden

Shalene Hollingshead



Supporting Members

Mark Chapman

Danielle Day

Justin Weber

Joe Fuchs

Dwight Clark

Brock Kinney

Wayne Mueller

Denise Kienow

Vicki Reece

Anna Fawcett

Juan Cienfuegos

Sid Slyfer

Marilee Hawler

Mary Humrichouse

John & Anna Fawcett

Carl & Jennifer Perkins

Gary & Janet Barnes

Kimberly Brooks

Sheri Postma

Many thanks to...

Brandi Weiss

Paula Brown

Karen Mennenga

Eric Ross

Mario Cugini

Bobbie Williams

Bobby Lacer

Fawcett Funeral Home, Winthrop, Iowa

Charlie McCardle

MHI, Independence, Iowa

Melissa Householder

Karen Wright

Daniel Graeff, MD

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