Nursing Wall of Honor

With this virtual Wall of Honor we recognize the noble profession of nursing and the time-honored nursing values of caring, compassion, community and courage.

If you know someone who belongs on this wall please use our contact us page. It is here that we want to forever remember those who have carried out the proud tradition of saving and improving the lives of Americans.


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Betty Jane Anthony-Greer (September 14,1923 - December 26,2012)

Betty Jane Anthony was born on September 14, 1923 in Fort Madison, Iowa, the daughter of James Anthony. She attended the Moline Public Hospital School of Nursing and graduated on October 20, 1945. After graduating she married Franklin Greer on November 7, 1959 and gave life to 3 children, Kimberly, James and Sharon.

Betty worked for Dr. Bill Mencrow as a Registered Nurse for over 20 years and Help at Home for 11 years. Betty was also a Senior Cadet Nurse at Vaughn General Hospital and at the Moline Public Hospital was a member of the Alumni Association 5th Division for Nurses.

Below are a few of Betty's belongings on display from her nursing education and career on loan from the Rob & Kimberly Brooks Family.

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Betty Jane Anthony

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Moline Public Hospital School of Nursing, Class of '45

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Kathleen (Toby) S. Day (April 2, 1939 - )

Kathleen Day (Toby) started her nursing career in St. Louis, MO after graduating from the Lutheran School of Nursing.   She then moved back to her home town of Luverne, MN where she worked at the Sanford Luverne Medical Center.  She moved up and took a job as the director of nursing at the Mary Jane Brown Home in Luverne.  In 1976 Toby moved to Slayton, MN and took the position of Director of Nursing at the Murry County Medical Center. Her last position before retirement was the night supervisor at the Olathe Medical Center in Olathe, KS.  Toby took great pride in being and RN and was a dedicated nurse who helped and supported many other nurses in their career.

In January of 1963 Kathleen married Ronald Day and gave life to 3 children, Deborah, Danielle, and Roland (Rod). Kathleen currently resides in the Hawkeye Care Center in Dubuque, Iowa. 

Below are some of Toby's belongings on display from her nursing career on loan from Danielle Day.

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The Lutheran School of Nursing has been educating nurses for more than 100 years. Located in South St. Louis on the Jefferson campus of St. Alexius Hospital, the School is a department of St. Alexius Hospital.

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