Public Service Shows

Country Style, USA is a series of 15-minute radio and film programs produced by the US Army as a recruiting aid from 1957 to 1960 featuring top American country music artists. Each year 13 episodes were produced in Nashville, Tennessee, and distributed to local radio and TV stations.

Shown Here:

Program No. 259 Faron Young

Program No. 260 Billy Grammer

Program No. 261 George Morgan

Program No. 262 Feeling Huskey

Program No. 271 Billy Grammer

Program No. 272 Daryl McCall

Program No. 259
Program No. 260
Program No. 261
Program No. 262
Program No. 271
Program No. 272

In the late 1950s, Steve Lawrence was drafted into the United States Army and served as the official vocal soloist with The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own" in Washington, D.C.

The Steve Lawrence Show was a Saturday Morning Broadcast presented by the United States Army Recruiting Service.

Shown Here:

Program No. 51 Featuring George Auld

Program No. 52 Featuring Crew Cuts

Program No. 51
Program No. 52

Men who wear the Air Force blue bring you A Serenade in Blue. To encourage civilians to join the Air Force and slip into their Air Force blues, the US Air Force created this well-done musical program. A Serenade in Blue was written, produced, performed by men in blue. It featured three top-notch Air Force bands: The Air Force Strings, Symphony in Blue, and the big band sound of Airmen of Note (which was originally started by Glenn Miller during WWII). Earlier 1950s programs include The Air Force Symphony Orchestra and The Singing Sergeants.

Program No. 501
Program No. 502

Manhattan Melodies is a recruiting program for the United States Air Force recorded in 1957. The 15 minute program follows a pretty standard formula. The listener hears a yellow taxi picking up a fare who asks to be taken to one of the recording studios in New York City. As the cab pulls away from the curb the theme music swells and the announcer, Airman Tom Wright, welcomes us to the show and tells us who the featured artist will be and the first number. After the first song (probably a commercial recording, not a performance specifically for the show) Airman Wright greets the artist they about the performer's career.

After the second song, usually around the 8 minute mark, Airman Wright makes his pitch for new Air Force recruits. 1957 was an interesting time for the service people in Ultramarine Blue and Air Force Yellow. The service itself was only ten years old at the time, having been born as part of the Army Signal Corp at the dawn of aviation, becoming the Army Air Corp between the World Wars and the U.S. Army Air Forces during WWII.

Airman Tom Wright's pitches emphasized the need for America's best and brightest to operate and maintain this cutting edge equipment, not to mention taking care of the airmen. Manhattan Melodies had several calls for women to join the Air Force Nursing Corp and the WAF (Women in the Air Force)

Here's To Veterans ran from 1946 to 1947 and was a fast moving 15 minutes of entertainment and helpful information. The show was dedicated to the citizens working in the armed forces and each week, the program featured entertainment and top stars such as Al Jolson and Spike Jones.

Shown Here:

Program No. 719 Featuring Shorty Rodgers & The Mills Brothers (Hire Disabled Veterans

Program No. 720 Featuring June Christy (Facts About VA Disability Pay)

Program No. 719
Program No. 720

Muster Day Salute to the National Guard Show.

Played on February 19 on Dave Garroway's "Today" Show as Part 2 or 4 Programs for Muster Day in 1959.

Side 1:

Cut 1 Andy Williams

Cut 2 Jill Corey

Cut 3 Les Paul and Mary Ford

Side 2:

Cut 1 Rosemary Clooney

Cut 2 June Christy

Cut 3 Gisele MacKenzie

Side 1
Side 2