Stars for Defense is a series of albums recorded for the United States Federal Civil Defense Administration from 1956 to 1967. Radio stations were instructed to broadcast the content to help Americans prepare for possible disasters, like a nuclear attack. They contained both music and interviews.

The total running time was approximately 15 minutes per side and only on a specific date was it to be played. M.C. Jay Jackson would introduce the week's musical guests (one week per side). The background music was supplied by Ray Bloch and his orchestra

The transcribed radio program Stars for Defense combined hit music with civil defense advice. Government institutes created public service announcements including children's songs and distributed them to radio stations to educate the public in case of nuclear attack. (Source: Wikipedia)


Featured in Our Display are 4 Original Albums:

1. Featuring Talk from Leo A. Hoegh, Director of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization

Program No. 185 Johnny Nash - (Do Not Play Before April 17, 1960)

Program No. 186 Evelyn Knight - (Do Not Play Before April 24, 1960)

2. Featuring Messages from Steuart L. Pittman, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civil Defense

Program No. 293 Carmel Quinn – (Do Not Play Before May 13,1962)

Program No. 294 Johnny Desmond – (Do Not Play Before May 20, 1962)


Program No. 235 Stuart Foster - (Do Not Play Before February 26, 1961)

Program No. 236 Chris Connor - (Do Not Play Before March 5, 1961)

4. Featuring Talk from Leo A. Hoegh, Director of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization

Program No. 201 Georgia Gibbs - (Do Not Play Before August 7, 1960

Program No. 202 Johnny Mathis - (Do Not Play Before August 14, 1960)

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Program No. 201: Georgia Gibbs

Program No. 202: Johnny Mathis

Program No. 235: Stuart Foster

Program No. 236: Chris Connor

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Program No. 185: Johnny Nash

Program No. 186: Evelyn Knight

Program No. 293: Carmel Quinn

Program No. 294: Johnny Desmond