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Men of Medicine, 1938

American Medical Association

This is the story of doctors' and scientists' training, practice, research, discoveries, and place in the community and the wider health care system. The role of the federal government in funding medical care for those who can't afford it is presented as well, with proponents of socialized medicine, cooperative medicine, and complete nonintervention as advocated by the American Medical Association addressed. Shots include: medical students in classrooms, graduation exercises, physicians' shingles, ambulance, white blood cell test with tally sheet, surgery in a theater, free clinic waiting room during the Depression, poor rural people, speeches by Morris Fishbein and Thomas Parran, Jr., sterilization equipment, basal metabolism machine, hydrotherapeutic baths, artificial fever chambers for syphilis cures, jugs of vaccines in warehouse, and exteriors of the American Medical Association in Chicago and Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Credit: National Library of Medicine

The Lost Case File: An Interview with John R.  (Johnny Boy) Brinkley, III

National Health and Public Safety History Museum and Little Chicago Productions

“The Lost Case File” is a fictional short film that raises the question “What if”?
In the early 1900’s, Dr. John Romulus Brinkley became famous as a fake surgeon, country music radio pioneer and politician.  His plan was to build an empire that would later be handed to his son, John R. (Johnny-Boy) Brinkley III.
Before the empire was set in stone for the ages, one AMA Doctor, a Doctor Morris Fishbein brought an end to the Brinkley reign, but what if he had not been successful?
In this “newly-found case file” film, Dr. Fishbein gains access to the Brinkley mansion in Del Rio, Texas to interview Johnny-Boy on the sly.  Although Fishbein’s visit is cut short, he manages to get a brief interview with the child being groomed by perhaps one of the most influential and intriguing men in American medical history.
The purpose of this film is to bring to light the reality of America’s never-ending love affair with vanity and drugs.  Dr. John R. Brinkley, while perhaps evil, may also be viewed as a messenger from the past to a country still in the grips of this dangerous pre-occupation with its own self- satisfaction and narcissistic pursuit of eternal youth.
Not just a film, but perhaps a warning to all.

Soldiers of Humanity

The National Health and Public Safety History Museum, The Life In The Arena Foundation and Patriam Shield

An Interview with Edward Weiss Jr. and Jason (Sandman) Roy, responders from the 2017-2018 Hurricanes in Texas, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.