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As we see the daylight after COVID, we are thankful that even during the trying two years, our supporters and friends have stayed there all along and we were able to make a real difference while so many were struggling.

During the pandemic we were able to present over 20 infectious disease control trainings to frontline responders and we donated and distributed over 1,520 gallons of hand sanitizer to response agencies in businesses! A special thanks goes to the volunteers that helped us fill hundreds of small bottles for the elderly and those that helped us move the massive amounts of 15 gallon barrels!

We are proud to say that the assistance of a few responder agencies we were able to deliver over 100,000 masks and 15,000 gloves to responder agencies as well.

Now, in the wake of all of that, The Life In The Arena Foundation has set some goals for 2023.

Free Programs For Responders

In 2023 we desire to establish a “grant” program for smaller rural communities that allows a community to apply by a simple letter to host two training programs at no cost.  These programs would be “Infectious Disease Control and Prevention for Frontline Workers” and “Critical Stress and Self Care for Frontline Workers”.

Our goal is to bestow this “granted” package pf programs to at least one dozen communities in 2023.  In order to accomplish this goal, the Foundation will need to have the financial ability to market this “grant” program and to travel to these communities to present the programs.


New Offices

In 2023, The Life In The Arena Foundation will be establishing a permanent location in Deleon, Texas in order to stabilize the daily operations of the Foundation.  The cost of this move will require regular partners to join us in financing this move and the overhead that will go along with it.


Individual Needs After Catastrophic Loss

In 2023 we hope to create a small fund that will allow us to respond immediately to losses suffered by individual responders such as the El Paso Police investigator who recently lost his home in a tragic fire and had a need for $3000 to assist in the care of his children and the replacement of essential items.  Unfortunately these opportunities to help arise almost every day and we rarely have the ability to assist. It is our hope for 2023 to create an account just for these small but important situations.


Support For Disaster Responders

In 2023 we hope to regain the momentum we had during the hurricane season of 2017 with the ability to assist larger organizations as we did with the Virgin Islands health care system, the Virgin Islands EMS, Port Arthur, Texas and Puerto Rico where we overcame massive obstacles on behalf of responders that were affected by the hurricanes.

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