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2023 was a year of recovery for many as COVID was officially over but new protocols, trainings and adjustments kept the year rather fluid.


Over the course of the year we began to see a real need to enlarge our scope of care and outreach and began to include those responders along our nation's border.  This will be one of our main fosuses in 2024 as we proceed into an election year where, unfortunately, the needs of our responders are from from the top of anyone's list.

During 2023 we supplied trainings and programming for dozens of agencies and departments and worked closely with EG Weiss & Associates to create affordable training programs and scholarships.

In 2024 we are excited to announce that we are now working alongside our new partner VirtuSafe and will be releasing free training programs this summer because of their generosity.

Another effort that we have started since the New Year is a project with Hawke Multimedia.  Hawke is offering professional service pictures to departments and agencies as well as individual responders with the proceeds going directly to Life In The Arena! If you would like more information about this program, please CLICK HERE to see where Hawke will be offering these photo shoots (at responder conferences) or how to get them to come to your next training night!

Last but not least, in 2023 our Founder was involved in the creation of a movie that is releasing this year and you will find Life In The Arena all over the country as EG Weiss tours with the cast of this powerful film about one family's struggle with critical stress and PTSD.  This is a MUST SEE film so please visit the film's Facebook Page for regular updates and watch the trailer here!

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