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If you have spent any time on our site or talking to our staff, you know that we have a passion to support our responders.  You also know that, while we have not been around for over 100 years, the inspiration and challenge has been around since 1910 when Theodore Roosevelt first gave his speech, "The Man In The Arena".

You'll see our logo on shirts, flyers, websites and in social media. Here is where it all came from.

"For those who dare greatly" comes from the speech "Man in the Arena" and refers to those that sacrifice so much for so little.

The Gladiator helmet is a "tip of the hat" to the arenas that inspired Theodore Roosevelt, those ancient battle grounds where heroes stood alone.

The 1910 reminds us that our country was in turmoil when that famous speech was given, that it is now, and will probably be again sometime in the future.  It also reminds us that in between those tough times, our country rights itself, joins together and is still the greatest country in the world.

The American Flag?  We believe in our country and what its flag stands for and while this organization holds no political opinion nor does it attempt to influence political parties, we DO believe that this country was founded on basic principles and we hold to the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and the authority of our Commander in Chief, whoever that may be.

We are also reminded that many heroes do not come home after their service has ended and that they arrive draped under that same flag they have fought for, served for and believed in.  We believe that part of our mission is to care for the families of those that have left such a fantastic legacy.

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