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Courtney Willegal is a Trauma and Crisis Counselor trained in psychological first aid and crisis response. She has a Masters in Clinical Professional Counseling and is the mother of two energetic boys who have both been diagnosed with Mental Health Disorders.  When her youngest was very little, she knew that he was developing much differently than other kids his own age. Although he looked ‘normal’, he didn’t act or react the way that his peers did.


After a horrific incident involving her youngest son, Courtney discovered that First Responders are not trained to respond to children who are wired differently like her youngest son. She set out to change this. Educating First Responders on Mental Health Disorders in children and sharing what life is like on a daily basis for her youngest son and other kids like him, became her passion. Courtney currently lives outside Madison, WI with her two boys and their Labrador. 

"The biggest life lesson I have learned being a mother is that I thought I would have to teach my son about the world.  Turns out, I have to teach the world about my son." 
~Courtney Willegal
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