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The End without an End

America's future in a post-pandemic world

by E. G. Weiss


Written during the escalating COVID-19 crisis, this book takes a look at America's pandemic history and the ignorance that brought us to where we are today.  This book is a "must-have" for anyone struggling through our current situation while wondering where we will be in 5 years!


The idea of a pandemic was not new. Specialists warned us. History warned us. The warnings fell on the ears of an America that heard the warnings but upon becoming aware of the changes and effort that would be required decided that procrastination would somehow magically turn reality into something more manageable.

We believed that if we believed these threats were contained then they would be contained.  We believed that if these threats were thousands of miles away, they would stay thousands of miles away. We believed that if we were wrong, we had elected and hired the right people who would make the problem disappear. And so we existed in our self-created, isolated world of ignorance.


The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1920 was one of the greatest disasters of all time.  It infected a third of the people on earth from the poorest people to Mahatma Ghandi, Woodrow Wilson and the King of Spain.

Despite its death toll, it is a fleeting memory in America’s history, barely covered by American newspapers of the time and lumped in as an afterthought to World War I.

Memory is the ongoing process of information retention over time. Because it makes up the very framework through which we make sense of and take action within the present.  Its importance goes without saying, but memory is built on a foundation of the past.

There was much left for us to learn from the 1918 Pandemic but it became a piece of history books rather than lessons in our curriculum.


The security of the American people, the economic goals of America and health of the American community are three things that rarely intertwine.  There is no President that wants to quarantine its people. No Congressman will be re-elected should she sign the order to close businesses and rarely (I did not say never) does a politician want to be blamed for the death of a population.

This causes a great conundrum here in the United States because no longer are we walking by the biblical wisdom of quarantine and protection but rather we are navigating through opinions and compromising with each decision in order to avoid offending too large a group of voters.

Remember, the Pandemic of 1918-1920 was at the tail end of a controversial and costly war. Decisions made during this time by a leader could make or break a career.  It was all about optics and egos.

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