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Eddy Weiss is a nationally renowned expert in the fields of Emergency Management, Disaster Preparedness, Terrorism, BIO Terrorism, and all types and phases of disasters. With over 80 certifications to his credit from prestigious organizations such as FEMA, John's Hopkins, Yale University School of Medicine, and the National Emergency Response & Rescue Training Center (NERRIC), Eddy is one of the leading experts in Emergency Preparedness and is able to speak on a wide array of subject matters involving crisis and emergency responses.
Eddy Weiss' knowledge and expertise comes from an incredible number of hands on experiences with virtually every major act of domestic terrorism and national disasters this country has faced over the last 15 years. From 9-11, to Katrina, Sandy, to Columbine, Eddy and his C4L team of responders have been there as first responders and assisting agencies and individuals cope with crisis. His first hand account of terrorism and national disasters provides a backdrop to his keynote addresses and puts him as the respected authority on the subject. Eddy's unique perspective breathes fresh air into a subject few wish to talk about; what if it happens here?

"We are living in a time where practical solutions need to take priority over popular ideas because the unimaginable is too quickly becoming the new normal."

"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything."

~Theodore Roosevelt

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