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Principles of Emergency Management

lessons from the greatest book ever written

by E. G. Weiss, Jr.

"...with the present education being offered comes a myriad of jobs opened as well; careers as emergency program managers, emergency management directors, emergency preparedness instructors, emergency operations center chiefs, directors of security, risk management consultants or experts, coordinators, supervisors and more.

The world has changed and it appears that the changes will not stop anytime soon, so how do you write a book with advice and guidance for emergency managers when every day the threats and the jobs are changing?  Go back and look at the most timeless piece ever written and figure out why it’s timeless.

No matter what version you read or what religion, faith, doctrine or denomination you subscribe to, there is an inherent quality about the Bible; you can apply things within its writings to your youth, to yesterday, to today and to the future. 

Whether you believe that the scriptures are actually the word of God or you simply see it as a phenomenal historical artifact, what makes scriptures so applicable, quotable and memorable is that it is a book of guidance based on principles.  After studying the Bible for over 45 years, I found that when you take those principles and combine them with the stories and accounts within the book, you have what is essentially a handbook.  More so, a handbook for emergency managers as the Bible is essentially about disasters, about people, about leaders and about consequences.  Just like emergency management..."

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