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NOVEMBER 8, 2018.

When Eddy Weiss wrote "Momma's Prayer" in 1987, he claims the story was somewhat of a sad fantasy.  Weiss recalls that 31 years ago he was estranged from his family and memories of the family farm in Maryland merely haunted him and reminded him that a real relationship with his family was far from reality.

"It was strange because when I wrote the book, I had no idea what forgiveness or faith was really about, but that was the message in this story!"

Years later, with relationships repaired and his faith in God intact, Weiss began to reprint the short Christmas story only to give away copies of the self-printed and self-published work at truck stops across the country as he toured the United States.

Three years ago Weiss returned to the family farm for the first time since he was 13 and the urge to honor his family's faith and legacy was "overwhelming" says the author.

"I watched my own children play in the yard I played in as a child," Weiss remembers. "I watched them sit at the same table, in the same dining room. I watched them play in the same barn and discover the hidden places amongst the trees that I once hid in as a child.  There was something beyond magical about that place... there was something spiritual."

Weiss often speaks of the family farm while on speaking tours and recalls the lessons learned as a boy that almost escaped him during his younger years.

"This is no big novel and I doubt it will ever be a feature film, but its a story people need to hear," says Weiss.  We will call it a work of fiction derived from my childhood, but make no mistake, the characters are real and the message is eternal!"

In late 2017, while writing "The Definition Of Unprecedented", Weiss came across the original manuscript which was re-written and is now available in time for the 2018 Christmas season.


AUGUST 2, 2018.

The 2017 hurricane season caught America off guard as losses exceeded billions of dollars and the death toll is still a controversial subject. Author E. G. Weiss, Jr. saw more potential loss in the form of missed opportunity to learn lessons before it happens again.

In Weiss’ new book, “The Definition Of Unprecedented” the 2017 season is compared to disasters of the last two centuries.  Weiss draws connections between Maria and the 1918 pandemic, Harvey to the New Madrid earthquake and many more.  Storm by storm Weiss takes the reader on a journey through history while bringing to light the archaic methods of emergency management and response used in these most recent tragedies.

“I began this book with the goal of writing about the need for us to look back in order to see forward,” said Weiss.  “Three weeks after I began writing I was deployed into Hurricane Harvey and the book changed into what it is today!”

Weiss describes the book as “mud-covered, blunt and fresh from the field".  The announcement of the books’ release came just three weeks before the anniversary of hurricane Harvey’s first landfall in Texas, timing that Weiss said was not accidental.

“We need to recognize these anniversaries,” explained the author. “We have forgotten too much for too long and have doomed our country to repeating the same mistakes over and over.  We need to start remembering and learning from the past or we won’t have much of a future!”

Weiss begins a book tour on the anniversary of Harvey’s first landfall (Harvey made three landfalls) in late August and has dates throughout the Midwest through the winter holidays.  The book will officially be available at the end of August although a first printing book tour edition is now available from 1910 Publishing at




MARCH, 2018

Author E. G. Weiss, Jr. and his son, J. W. H. Weiss have embarked on a new adventure of discovery as they have announced that they are working on a book entitled “The Devil You Know”.  According to the authors, the book will be revealing a myriad of natural disasters that had long lasting and hidden effects that were connected to the original disasters themselves.

“We were personally the victims of this phenomena after natural disasters,” explains the eldest Weiss. “It’s time that the public knew about these hidden disasters.”

According to the writing duo (who deploy to natural and manmade disasters around the United States), the book has been difficult to write as they hunt down the truth behind over 400 properties in Joplin covered in 150 year old lead dust after the Joplin tornado strike in 2011, the poisoning and eventual evacuation of Picher, Oklahoma after its tornadic event and the toxic contamination of communities in Texas following hurricane Harvey’s rainfall inundating Superfund waste sites.

From the Preface:

“We look at these disasters as single events that lasted only a short time yet we often are only seeing the tip of the iceberg and missing the long-lasting and horrific damage caused by secondary disasters nobody even knew about.”

The book was expected to be released in early 2018 but the team has chosen to postpone the release and expand the book as they excitedly claim they have uncovered more hidden disasters.

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