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Recognized as a child prodigy of sorts shortly after the Joplin, Missouri tornado in 2011, Jonathan Weiss set the bar high for himself.  Owner of UAV solution company JonnyUAV, at age 16, this young man has already begun to turn heads in the realm of homeland security and emergency response.  Recently, Jonathon received a medal for his work during the Hurricane Harvey response in Texas as he assisted as a command technician working with the 1st Battalion (Airborne) 143rd Infantry Regiment and assisted in operating a temporary medical facility in Port Arthur, Texas.

Jonathon has already worked closely with EMS, fire and police departments around the country assisting in UAV program creation, piloting and disaster response all while creating a company around UAV safety platforms he manufacturers in his home state of Iowa.

A homeschooler, Jonathon has spoken at several events around the country and is currently working with on a 2018 STEM education tour throughout the Midwest.

“I was raised in this world of emergency management and response so a paper route wasn’t really in the cards.  At a young age I began to figure out that sometimes the practical solution is usually the smartest one and I continue to mix that theory with everything I learn and attempt to do.  As a young person, it is scary to think that I could be somebody to look up to already, but I am glad I have had so many accomplishments this early because it has caught the attention of a lot of young people that need to believe they can be anything they want to be.  As for homeland security, I believe that whatever we do, whatever we implement and whatever our response, it needs to be about the people first; about the responders and the victims.”

Jonathon was recently awarded a Gold Medal from the President of the United States for his work and life saving efforts

during the recent 2017 Hurricane

Season where he worked with

numerous response teams

as well as the Texas National

Guard and local authorities.

Jonathon's recent experiences during Hurricane Harvey response in late 2017 included the discovery of Superfund Toxic Waste Sites that were compromised by the historic flooding throughout the state of Texas.  This, coupled with research Jonathon has accomplished regarding disasters such as the 2011 Joplin tornado inspired his work on "The Devil You Know".

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