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The Definition of Unprecedented

Redefining Emergency Management, Response and Responsibility

by E. G. Weiss, Jr.

From the book...


"We are living in a time when practical solutions need to take priority over popular ideas because the unimaginable is becoming the new normal."

"What was lacking was a concise definition of the word “unprecedented”, for if we had planned for that definition much would have been different and perhaps many would not have stepped into eternity when they did.

There will come a day in America’s history where we all look back on that horrific and historic hurricane season and admit that nature and the past had given us all we needed to combat the obstacles; we just refused to pay attention."

"2017 was going to be the year that was going to make sure we understood the definition of unprecedented."

"Perhaps it is time we look at the unprecedented 2017 hurricane season as a gift of knowledge before an event of its kind happens again."

"We allowed personal and political agendas to prevent us from not only responding, but we allowed these things to skew how we even remember the 2017 season so most will probably never learn from it."

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